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Broken Hearts. Break Away Or How To Cope With A Break Up.

Breakup is considered one of the most intense life stresses. Thoughts of self-doubt or wasted time, feeling rejected or unappreciated for all you have done for a person you love may overflow your mind now. Your breakup can seem more severe than breakups of others. Please remember that you are not alone in your breakup problem. Not every love relationship has happy ending. Thousands of breakups happen every day. Psychologists of our Support Service get a lot of emails where people ask how to cope with a break up. Here is a few excerpts:

"Want to stop future breakups", "I tried to break away from what I had always believed to be true... failed, why?", "How to treat my broken heart?", "How to cope with a break up?", "How to break away from a person who makes me unhappy?", "I'm tired. Please help me break away from everyday doubt", "Is it possible to avoid broken heart", "how to deal with a broken heart?", "How to heal my broken heart? I wish to fall in love again...", "How to get over a broken heart?", "how can you mend a broken heart?", "die of a broken heart, help me please!!!", "need any advice to dealing with a broken heart", "Just wonder how do you heal a broken heart?", "need broken heart advice", "need help for a broken heart", "don't let me die of a broken heart!", "Help my broken heart to survive, please!"

Any breakup is a painful experience. Such pain can seriously diminish our peace and happiness. Some people easy go through breakup and get back into dating. Others close off their broken hearts to about everyone feeling devastated. Firstly they want to break away. Gradually broken heart calming down, becomes callous and self-centered, lose dignity and self-respect. A fear of getting hurt prevent broken hearts from dating again. From time to time broken hearts make attempts to date again. Some broken hearts become happy. Others fail and spend the rest of their life in bitter solitude. Why? Because you can't break away till you find your own way. You can't break away from yourself. Find yourself, only best self,  and you will become happy. Use your inner discomfort caused by breakup for your spiritual benefit. If you're about to break up with your partner, let a week pass before you break up relationship. Then ask yourself again: "break up or not?". Don't hold days to ease your partner's pain or yours. If you decide to explain the reason of a breakup, try to be honest and tactful.

Coping with a break up is difficult, but if you really want to find your best self and handle breakup use the following break away and break up advices:

Break away/break up advice 1:
Hide everything that reminds you of breakup. Don't attempt to contact your past love! Don't try to get your love back right away. It's possible, but neither you nor your love is ready at the moment. Wait a little.

Break away/break up advice 2:
Don't exaggerate your role in the breakup. It is completely normal to experience grief, anxiety and resentment, but don't consider breakup a catastrophe. Negative emotions tend to fester, so don't let them dominate you. Failed to cope with all? Then take a pen and say your say on a piece of paper. When you feel that nothing can be added crumple the paper and throw it away. You may beat your pillow or let you emotions flow away at your local gym. Start a daily journal to release all of your feelings.

Break away/break up advice 3:
Make lists of your bad and great points. List of bad points will help you realize your mistakes in past relationship and improve yourself. List of great points will support and/or raise your self-esteem. Lists will help you develop inner feeling of self worth and freedom.

Break away/break up advice 4:
Stay active. Go with your friends to disco, go in for sport. Physical activity relieves nervous pressure. A firm, hard body is great for your self-esteem.

Break away/break up advice 5:
Keep your mind busy with new information. Staying active mentally will also help you to getting over your past.

Break away/break up advice 6:
Keep your heart busy with positive emotions: get outdoors, go shopping, surround yourself with your close friends.

Break away/break up advice 7:
Meet new people. Try dating online again, your real other half may have been waiting for you for a long time.

Break away/break up advice 8:
Develop a new Internet hobby or interest. Make your Home Page on Meeting Land. It's easy! Click to know how...

Break away/break up advice 9:
Enjoy being single for awhile! Dream, figure out the type of relationship you wish,

Break away/break up advice 10:
Realize features you don't want in your partner and things you can live with.

Break away/break up advice 11:
Be sure in success by 100 % and you will win a "battle"!

Be Happy!

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