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History of Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree was appropriated by Christian missionaries from the earlier Asatru pagan midwinter holiday of Yule, the celebration of the Winter solstice. Yule log fire and the greenery used to decorate the homes were believed to bring back its warmth at the time of the solstice, green twigs were used for good luck talismans. Yule was widespread and popular in northern Europe long before the arrival of Christianity.
The year 1841 was a significant year in the Christmas celebration in England. Prince Albert, the German husband of British Queen Victoria, brought the first Christmas tree in England to the royal castle of Windsor. A year later America was to discover the Christmas tree. In 1842 Dr. Charles Frederick Minnegerode, professor of Greek at the College of William and Mary, brought the first Christmas tree to Virginia, America. Christmas tree has significant importance almost all over the world. Decorating the Christmas tree and placing Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree are common traditions.

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