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Don't plan to buy Halloween costums because wish to demonstrate your creativity? A bit tight on cash? Don't worry. You can quickly, easily and inexpensively make great-looking Halloween costumes! Here you will find different simple, but effective homemade Halloween costume ideas.

Robot halloween costumes. Example 1.
halloween costume step1:
Use large cardboard box for your body. Cut holes in the top (for the head), on each side (for your arms) and at the bottom of the large box (for legs) to go through.

halloween costume step2:
Use small box for your head. Cut holes at the bottom for the head to go through and  in the front small box area (round holes - for eyes, rectangular holes - for mouth, to eat)

halloween costum step3:
Cover boxes with foil wrapping paper, and decorate the edges with colored tape.

halloween costume step4:
Cut shapes and designs from bright poster board, and attach them to the box along with colored paper plates.

halloween costume step5:
Attach a plastic tube to the headpiece of your future halloween costume.

halloween costum step6:
For the top of the headpiece, attach an inverted plastic bowl.

halloween costume step7:
Use an empty plastic peanut jar for halloween costume. Fill it with confetti, replace the lid, and turn the jar upside down on top of the bowl. Tape it in place.

halloween costume step8:
Make sleeves of halloween costume out of shiny silver fabric. To define the size of fabric: measure from crotch to ankle for the leg and from shoulder to wrist for arms, add 4 inches to the diameter measurements.

Robot halloween costumes. Example 2.
halloween costume step1:

= step1 in Example1 (Robot halloween costume).

halloween costume step2:
Glue (only strong) pie plates to front for headlights.

halloween costume step3:
Attach to the small box light sticks for antennas.

halloween costume step5:
Use silver paint or aluminum foil to decorate.

Robot halloween costumes. Example 3.
halloween costume step1:
= step1 in Example1 (Robot halloween costume) OR attach small box to the large one by gluing the box flaps at the neck area and cutting the hole for the head through the flaps.

halloween costum step2:
Lay the pie plate on the center front of the small box. Trace around it. Cut out a circle approximately 1/2" inside of your traced circle.

halloween costume step3:
Paint the boxes. Let the paint dry.

halloween costum step4:
Cut out alternative triangles from the bottom area of the pie plate. Glue colored cellophane or gauzy fabric to the inside of the pie plate over the triangle holes.

halloween costume step5:
Glue the plate over the whole in the small box. You may tape a flashlight inside the box so it is facing the plate. Don't place flashlight close to eyes! To represent control knobs glue appliance knobs.

halloween costume step6:
= step7 in Example1 (Robot halloween costume).

Robot halloween costumes. Example 4:
halloween costume step1:
Finish an old tracksuit, old pair of gloves and old pair of sneakers with silver spray paint - get attractive halloween costume!

halloween costume step2:
Wrap the head in foil, except the face. Attach antennas made from tubes of foil to the top of the head.
Add to you halloween costume something that you have never seen before - your halloween costume will be unique and great-looking.

Skeleton halloween costume.
halloween costume step1:
You will need black leotard and tights, black leggings and gloves, white tape or the chalk fabric marker or white fabric paint for ribs and bones.
Insert card into the T-shirt body and sleeves. Draw (or use white tape) outlines of the shoulder blades, spine, rib cage and hips on the front of the T-shirt, outlines of the arm bones - on to both sleeves. Use the thick brush to paint the bones on the front of the T-shirt with white fabric paint. To make the bones really white, do two coats. When dry, do the second coat. Paint the bones on both sleeves.

halloween costum step2:
White makeup on face with black eyes. Paint your face like a skull. Let your imagination fly.

halloween costume step3:
A white cap for halloween costume is optional.

Ghost halloween costumes.
halloween costume step1:
Use white fabric, a square x centimeters on side. x = your height (you may use a clean white sheet or piece of fabric, thin white cotton works good), sharp scissors, a black marker, a thin black belt and several large black buttons to sew on front of your halloween costume.
Lay the white fabric on a table or floor. Cut off the edges to create a circle. It isn't necessary to make a perfect circle. Create a fringe appearance.

halloween costum step2:
Find the middle of the circle. This part will be placed on your head. Using the black marker, draw eyes and mouth, twice as much larger than yours, and nose. Cut out alternative holes.

halloween costume step3:
Put white fabric on, so that you could see and breathe in your halloween costume. Slightly tie around your neck a thin black belt or tape, like a collar. Mark places for black buttons. Take your halloween costume off. Sew buttons to halloween costume.

You can use three halloween costums at once.
Your body - 1st halloween costume, one hand - 2nd halloween costume, another hand - 3rd halloween costume.
For example, transform your right hand into Devil halloween costum.
Use red, white and black face paints, medium brush, scissors, red gauzy fabric/nylon netting, black paper, glue and gold-glitter gel makeup.
halloween costume step1:
Paint the thumb, palm, back of the hand and wrist red. When dry, paint the little finger and the first white, the others - black. Let the paint dry.

halloween costum step2:
Paint tip of the thumb, and base of the little finger black. Paint the devil's face and beard. Outline the teeth with black, fill in with white.

halloween costume step3:
Smear the wrist with gold-glitter gel (over the red).

halloween costume step4:
Cut the devil's trident from black paper and a length of red fabric. Tie red fabric around the wrist. Glue trident on.

Spider Halloween costume.
halloween costume step1:
Black leotard and tights, and 3 pairs of black panty hose stuffed with old nylons. Stick stuffed hose to waist of leotard.

halloween costum step2:
Knitted cap. Black pipe cleaners for antennae.

Mummy Halloween costume.
Jell hair and pull away from face. Use white makeup on face. Wrap strips of muslin around entire body.

Money tree Halloween costume.
Green sweat suit. Glue fake money (monopoly) to body.

Skin diver Halloween costume.
Wet suit or grey track suit. Goggles. Swim flippers (cut off bottom and place over top of shoes). Bucket with plastic fish.

Hope you will enjoy making Halloween costums and grab up the perfect mood during Halloween party!

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