Dating Dos and Donts.

Dating Dos

Do 1: fully realize the type of relationship you wish.

Do 2: be sure to realize features you do not want in a new partner and things you can live with.

Do 3: try to dress nicely, and be well groomed.

Do 4: be on time.

Do 5: be yourself. Avoid saying negative things about your past relationships.

Do 6: be confident.

Do 7: make your partner feel comfortable.

Do 8: give compliments and thank for compliments.

Do 9: be polite. Say thank you if your date does something for you.

Do 10: be an attentive listener.
Do 11: respect any differences in opinions or habits your date may have instead of turning your nose up at them.

Do 12: ask questions, open the topics a person is conversant with, but don't do fifty questions drill.

Do 13: be sincere.

Do 14: laugh at their jokes.

Do 15: use your sense of humor.

Do 16: when in doubt, smile!

Do 17: avoid topics that would create a heated debate.

Do 18: show respect to your date's wishes.

Do 19: be an interesting date.

Do 20: be a mystery as long as possible.

Do 21: pay attention to any negative displays: anger, rudeness and lie.

Do 22: be a romantic.

Do 23: keep an open mind towards new experiences.

Do 24: really enjoy your dating!

Dating Don'ts

don't 1: forget to use mouthwash before you go out.

don't 2: try to be something you are not.

don't 3: show disrespect for your partner or their beliefs.

don't 4: pursue sex after your partner has said no.

don't 5: be the one who has problems!

don't 6: fake; pretence is usually revealed when people leave personal ads and go on to meet in person.

don't 7: interrupt your date.

don't 8: taking cell phone calls every minute

don't 9: get too amorous on a first date.

don't 10: monopolize the conversation, talk only about yourself during dating.

don't 11: reveal any personal contact information during first date.

don't 12: wonder about the old love, that can call up painful recollection.

don't 13: eat with your mouth open.

don't 14: leave your food or beverages unattended

don't 15: forget to thank for the date.

don't 16: forget the name of your new friend.

Dating Tip

Be optimistic and happy date will come sooner than you can imagine!
Our tips - dos donts - will help you avoid mistakes you might be experiencing while dating.

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