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Get a professionally-developed, reliable and secure dating software created to provide full featured profitable dating service.
Best solutions, reasonable prices!

Everything you need to run a successful dating site:

Main Features Lite Basic Advanced Full
Installation and configuration on your site yes yes yes yes
Multilanguage Support no yes yes yes
Huge number of members (1+ billion ) yes yes yes yes
Friendly Registration yes yes yes yes
Number of registration fields 10+ 20+ 50+ 50+
Max number of photos a user may upload 1 3 3 16+
Checking for real email by confirmation1 no no yes yes
Photo Preview yes yes yes yes
Photo guide yes yes yes yes
Profile Update/Delete yes yes yes yes
Show/Hide personal info (email etc.) yes yes yes yes
Member's Home Page no no yes yes
Profile expiration date no no yes yes
Profile auto renewal2 no no yes yes
Couple profile support3 no yes yes yes
Profile 1st page4 no no yes yes
Login yes yes yes yes
Reminding of the password yes yes yes yes
Changing password no yes yes yes
Changing email (with confirmation) no yes yes yes
5 Membership types5 no yes yes yes
Quick (Prompt) Search Script6 yes yes yes yes
Advanced Search Script7 no yes yes yes
Full Search Script8 no no no yes
Show photos in search results yes yes yes yes
Send message form yes yes no no
Member's Messages Center no yes yes yes
Unique Secure System of Correspondence9 no no yes yes
Notifications about new messages no no yes yes
Checking email address by member no no yes yes
Notifications about bad email address no no yes yes
Profiles administration10 no no yes yes
Emails/messages administration11 no no yes yes
Reveals real country of residence no no yes yes
Contact Us form no yes yes yes
"My Favorites" yes yes yes yes
"Set Home Page" yes yes yes yes
"Recommend Us" (invite friends) script no yes yes yes
Statistics by countries no no no yes
FAQ system no no yes yes
Integrating with 2CheckOut no no yes yes
Integrating with PayPal no no no yes
Debug log for debugging error messages no yes yes yes
Send emails to users with unread messages no no yes yes
Messaging limits control no no yes yes
Template Based yes yes yes yes
Top Profiles no no yes yes
Page Master12 no no yes yes
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Additional Features        
DB of members (real people) $1.2 $1.1 $1 $1
Web Hosting $150/year $150/year $140/year Free for 1 year
"Check Links" script13 $10 $10 $10 yes
"Update Site Content"14 $5 $5 yes yes
Installation of Forum $30 yes yes yes
Installation of Chat $50 $50 yes yes
Design of site $300 $250 $250 $150
Upgrades15 $20 $15 yes yes
Promotion16 $300 $300 $200 $200
Picking up a right Domain name17 $50 $50 yes yes
Support18 no yes yes yes
Removing copyrights no no $100 yes
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Leasing of Dating Software Products is available too!
1Registration via email confirmation. It means that every member will receive the activation link upon completing the registration process. This way of activation ensures you have only valid emails in the database.
2When Profile has expired an automatic email of inquiry about renewal and instructions on how to prolong it will be sent to the member's e-mail address. The account will be deleted automatically if it doesn't act after X days.
3He+She, She+She etc., e.g. for swing...
4Profile is always on the 1st pages of search results.
5Free, Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold (changeable).
6Search criteria: "I'm", "Looking for", "Type of relations", "Age", "Display in Metric/Inch".
7Search criteria: "I'm", "Looking for", "Type of relations", "Country", "City", "Continent", "Age", "Height", "Display in Metric/Inch", "Marital status".
8Search criteria: "I'm", "Looking for", "Type of relations", "Sex Orientation", "Interests: sport, movies, music", "Country", "City", "Continent", "Age", "Sign of the zodiac", "Height", "Weight", "Body frame", "Display in Metric/Inch", "Hair color", "Eyes color", "Ethnic Background", "Marital status".
9Members can correspond with each other in different ways:
  1. Via Message Center only.
  2. Via email box of a different ISP only (e.g. Outlook, Yahoo etc.).
  3. Both via Message Center of your dating site and email box of a different ISP.

For example, there are Member 1 and Member 2. Each of them can choose any way of correspondence - the most convenient. Member 1 can choose the 1st way and reply to Member 2 via Message Center of your dating site only. Member 2 can choose the 2nd way and reply to Member 1 via Outlook (or via email box of his/her ISP, e.g. Yahoo) only. Members can choose the another way of correspondence whenever they want.

Each way supports anonymous and secure communication, including spam protection and blocking attached and inserted files which seem suspicious on virus.
To avoid Privacy violation you can switch on "Delete Contacts" function. This provides automatic deleting contacts (e.g. emails, phone number) in correspondence between members.

10Statistics, search, check, edit, delete, approve, decline, defer etc.
11Approve, decline, edit, statistics, search etc.
12Page Master enables to manage the site content: navigation, URLs, buttons, articles, map, etc.
13"Check Links" script checks whether all links on your dating site work.
14"Update Site Content" script to copy new/updated files to web folder over FTP.
15You will receive all new features we come up with free of any charge for Advanced and Full versions! This ensures your system is up-to-date with the latest technologies and features.
  • we'll promote your site so that the whole world will know about it.
  • we'll place your site in 250.000 search engines.
  • we'll provide your dating site with a necessary dating content so that all search engines like it.
  • we'll add it to catalogues and increase your site ratings.
17If you don't have domain name, our specialists will make a list of all the best suited domain names according to your chosen criteria, taking into account your wishes. You will choose the best domain name from the list.
18Software specialists will answer all your questions and help you to install the software. Support Service covers questions regarding script handling and bug fixes. Nowhere else on the web you can find the same high-level support.
Visit please This website is based on Advanced version.
You're purchasing license for up to 10 your domains only ( and may use script in unlimited number of subdomains and subdirectories. But if you want to use script in another separated domain, you should purchase additional license for 79$. Discounts for more licenses are available.
You may order additional features. We are software experts and we can implement any of your wishes.

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Customization and Development
If you require additional features, customization or development, please contact us for an obligation free quote.

Please note that delivery can only be made after payment is confirmed and we have received your hosting details.

Due to the product modular structure, you have the possibility to choose the features yourself and make individual dating site as you wish. We are software experts and we can help to implement any of your wishes.

We offer you the full-scale software package for your business strategy enhancement plus the possibility of immediate business starting.

  • We accept payments via all major credit cards, 2CheckOut, bank wire transfer, Western Union or check.
  • All purchases must comply with our Software License Agreement/Privacy Policy.
  • Your request will be set up as soon as payment is received. A confirmation of payment will be sent to your e-mail address within one business day of receiving payment. At the same time our specialist email you. You will get full access to the "Dating Software Pro" scripts. Software specialist will answer all your questions and provide support, including installation of the software. Nowhere else on the web you can find the same flexible solution for online dating business. Feel free to ask any questions before you make a payment.

If you are interested in reselling or/and ownership in "Dating Software Pro" contact us.


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