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Singles' quick dating - speed dating - one of the newest ways to meet many singles in one place.  Another name for speed dating is rapid-dating. How to meet them? Attend a rapid meeting party. Dating online has its own advantages. Speed dating has its own ones. You may successfully combine both speed dating and internet dating when searching your soulmate, beloved one.

At a typical speed-dating event, single women sit in a big circle around a circle of men. Everyone enjoys a one-on-one minidate with the person in front of them for three to eight minutes (depending on the organizers). When a bell rings, one circle rotates. After each encounter, participants mark on their scorecard whether they'd be interested in getting to know the other person better. Afterwards, the organizer alerts participants to mutual matches (meaning both people marked "yes" for each other). There are 5-9 first dates in an evening. If you want to see a particular person again check "yes" on the sheet supplied by the host. If the other person checks "yes" for you, too, the host will give each of you contact information within a day or two. Then it is up to you to make a "real" date.

Another way of speed dating: a couple sits across from each other. They have 5-to-8 minutes to ask questions and check out the sparks. When the bell rings, the women or men moves to the next table. When a special someone, or two, or three, have sparked mutual interests and you both want to see each other again, organizers connect you and you set up your next date.

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