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Ready to deck your home in Halloween decoration?
Here you will find plenty of excellent Halloween decoration ideas, quick Halloween decoration ideas, simple, but effective Halloween decoration ideas, that you can make for free to give your home a spooky good Halloween look and get it ready for Halloween party in no time at all!

Concept of decoration in outdoor Halloween decoration and indoor Halloween decoration.
Decoration is a major unifying factor in Halloween party. Halloween decoration should conveys the idea of Halloween history. Outdoor Halloween decoration, like indoor Halloween decoration, contributes to the perfect mood during Halloween party. Simple typical Halloween decoration: pumpkin, candles and ghosts. Each element of the Halloween decoration has a legend. Hobgoblins, ghosts and witches create a sense of mysticism. Outdoor Halloween decoration could be increased by the use of easy-made Halloween garlands. Variations in color increase Halloween decoration. Through the use of reflecting and shining materials, the repetition of decor, the contrasting and variety of textures, Halloween decoration becomes complex and attractive. Light is of great importance to outdoor Halloween decoration and indoor Halloween decoration. Proper lighting creates festive Halloween.

Decorate your home with Witch decor.
Halloween decoration - Dancing Witch garlands decor




Use postcard for template, different colors construction paper, crepe paper, pencil, scissors.

Halloween decoration step1
Cut out a rectangle of postcard. Draw a witch on the card, making sure that parts of the witch-hat brim, broomstick touch the sides of the rectangle. Cut out the witch shape to make the template.

Halloween decoration step2
Cut a strip of the crepe paper in same or more than the depth of the card. Fold it back and forth, concertina- fashion, in pleats the same width as the card. Place the template on the folded paper, draw around it, and cut out the witch, taking care to leave the shapes joined at the sides. Unfold the pleats to reveal the dancing witches.

Halloween decoration step3
Join witches together.
This great decoration will also enhance other decorations.

Halloween decoration - Welcoming Witch
It can stand by herself or hang on the wall or door.
You will need:
1 bleach bottle
straw or raffia for hair
2 black buttons for eyes
12 by 12 flesh colored felt
12 by 12 black felt
glue, wire
1/4 yard of black fabric
14 inches of black chenille

Halloween decoration step1
Cut the bottle in half. Decide the size of face you want and make a circle with a pencil.

Halloween decoration step2
Make plenty of holes around the top of the circle.

Halloween decoration step3
Cut the flesh felt in a circle and glue to the bottle.

Halloween decoration step4
Insert raffia into the holes, leaving 1 inch hanging out of the upper holes and longer strands hanging out of the side holes. String it in and out of each hole for the hair line. Add on the eyes and mouth if you have one.

Halloween decoration step6
Take black fabric and make a triangle hat to decor the witch..

Halloween decoration step7
Take the black felt and cover the back side of the bottle. Stretch a piece of wire across the back so you can hang it up. Attach the wire to each side real tight.

Halloween decoration step8
Glue on the hat and black chenille for the RIM of the hat.

Halloween decoration - Candle Lanterns
Use various size metal cans, hammer and sharp nail or (awl)

Halloween decoration step1
Paint the can with different vibrant colors.

Halloween decoration step2
Draw outline of figures like skeletons, bats, pumpkins, etc.

Halloween decoration step3
Tap small holes outlining your decoration. Place candle inside the can. Aroma candle is right Halloween decoration. Darken the room and enjoy the effects of Halloween decoration!

Halloween decoration - Devil Mask
It's better for decorating anything that has a plain back (walls, doors, etc.). You can also wear mask, only make holes at the sides and pass a string through it.

Halloween decoration step1
Cut out a mask template of postcard.

Halloween decoration step2
Draw around the outline on red cardboard and cut out the mask. Carve out the eyes and the nose.

Halloween decoration step3
Stick scraps of silver wrapping paper behind the eyes and the mouth.
Now devil halloween decoration stands ready.

Halloween decoration step4 (optional)
Attach halloween decor to a dark background.

Halloween decoration - Colorful Pumpkin Wands
You may use this halloween decoration both in outdoor halloween decoration (yard halloween decoration, etc.) and indoor halloween decoration.

You will need:
Small pumpkins
You will need sticks 2 feet long.
Acrylic paints (e.g. blue, purple, green and orange)
2-inch-long threaded nails
Wire cutters
Safety glasses

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step1
Paint stripes or other designs on the sticks. Let the paint dry. Paint the pumpkin stems a solid color. Let dry.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step2
Carefully hammer a nail into the end of the stick. Put on safety glasses. Snip off the head of the nail. Push the bottom of the pumpkin onto the nail.

Halloween decoration - Universal Pumpkin
Use this Halloween decoration both in outdoor halloween decoration (yard halloween decoration, etc.) and indoor halloween decoration.

  You will need:
Fence post, 4-7 inch diameter, strong glue, sandpaper
Acrylic paint: pumpkin, white, blue, black, burnt umber, red, green
Flat and liner paintbrushes
Exterior varnish
Raffia, plastic spider

Fence posts are available at home centers and lumberyards. If the fence posts have been cut, let the pieces dry for several days before painting them. Cracks may appear at this time. Don't worry, as cracks will add character to the Halloween decoration.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step1
Finish the fence post with sandpaper.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step2
Glue the stem (made from fabric or cut out of wood) to the pumpkin top.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step3
Paint the fence post with pumpkin. Do two coats.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step4
When dry, shade the edges and the stem with green.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step5
Paint eyes. Use white first, when dry paint the pupils black, let dry, then dot the highlights on the pupils with blue.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step6
Using black, paint the eyebrows, the mouth lines, and the eyelashes.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step7
Outline the teeth with black, fill in with white. Paint red lips and lightly red cheese. Paint burnt umber nose; when dry, highlights with white.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step8
 Apply two coats of exterior varnish. Let dry after each coat.

Decorate Halloween pumpkin with raffia, plastic spiders, silk flowers or any other decor.

Halloween decoration - Happy Halloween Toy
Clear glass round ornament
White vinegar
Paper, X-Acto knife
Acrylic paint or gouache
Decor: leaf, raffia

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step1
Make any ornament, e.g. bat, ghost, cranium. Cut out shapes using an X-Acto knife. Remove the pieces.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step2
Clean the glass with hot water and white vinegar. Avoid fingerprints. Apply the pattern to the glass.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step3
Fill holes (cutout) with any paint. Let dry.

Outdoor Halloween decoration or Indoor, step4
Decorate Happy Halloween Toy with raffia and a leaf.

Come back! New Outdoor Halloween decoration and Indoor Halloween decoration will be added soon.

Have a very happy Halloween!

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