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We always think that we are professionals in mutual relations. In fact we become confused and make mistakes at a crucial moment during meeting people and afterwards. That take far away our dreams. “Dos and Donts” is a step-by-step guide for managing mutual relations (relationship article: dating advice/tips, rules and much more). It was designed to help women, using practical techniques and clear examples, cope with fear, become confident, avoid mistakes that may destroy their future happiness, develop the relationship with a perfect partner in the right way so that they two can share a lifetime of love, improve Present and build desirable Future. Don’t worry, you will not find long prodigious lectures which usually take much time to fish out any helpful idea. We aimed for minimum words and maximum use, hope successfully. That is for you to decide…

The threshold

Long-awaited meeting


The threshold:  (Long-awaited meeting, Afterwards.)

+Do Get enough sleep.

Imagine energy you will emit not getting enough sleep. Pale face, a mist before your eyes, languor, and red around the eyes won’t be your trump cards.

+ Do Cope with your thoughts, taking control of your mood.

Thoughts and mood cause actions. Someone did a bad turn to you, you experienced unfaithfulness or you may feel headache – get rid of everything that upset you. You will likely alienate Him by your sour and offended look. Failed to cope with a flow of negative emotions? Then take a pen and say your say on a piece of paper. When you feel that nothing can be added crumple the paper and throw it away, or set on the fire.

Gold truth: painful thoughts about past and pessimism will prevent the build-up of happy future. Don’t dwell too much on the past, you can’t alter the past. Better live in present, dream (really believe) of a happier future. Future will give you another and likely more opportunities to become happy. Besides there is a Gold rule: thoughts are magnetic and attract things that are similar. Not without reason success attracts success.

Don’t torture yourself, don’t let negative thoughts like «ugly», «too old for happiness», «it is unlikely someone will love me», «what I’ve got so small bosom for? », «I’m so fat» dominate you. First of all, that’s your/subjective opinion that doesn’t guarantee other people have similar opinion. Nobody will never know about your complexes, fairs until you say or your conduct uncover them. Secondly, final success depends on your charm and energy that you emit. There are women who can’t boast about regular face features, slender waist or big bosom, nevertheless they attract and fascinate men like a powerful magnet. Thirdly, the stronger positive or negative attitude you have to yourself the quicker He realizes it and the deeper it will take places in His memory. It’s difficult to change a settled point of view. Be sure of yourself!!!

Gold truth: Every woman has something beautiful about her, no two women are beautiful in the same way.

If you don’t like very much some feature about your face, use great possibilities of a make-up. Hide the feature or transform it into your merit - yourself or with the help of the professionals. You have too little time for corrections or it’s impossible to correct something (e.g. your burr) – don’t worry; history knows many cases when men love women for their defects. Thus and so be sure of yourself, it may turn out, that your “defect” is one of your merits.

As regards the bosom size there are many men who prefer small bosom to big one. Besides, the size and shape of your bosom may increase later, most likely after child-birth. Realize the kind of man you would like. What about “size-lover” who will be carping at your bosom and may become adulterous when the shape no more meets his requirements? If no then dont beat yourself! Be sure you will meet a man who loves every piece of your body (irrespective of the size) and your voice, shares your dreams and you fantasies.

Gold truth: (!) There is no specific beauty standard. That’s why there is no girl who could conquer every man.

Gold advice: recollect the moments when you have won, got praise or a sweet compliment, look at yourself in a mirror and smile, say: "I’m so pretty ", etc. – in a little while your mood will turn for the better.

+Do Recollect your good points, your talents, your skills and select ones which will help you succeed.

Gold truth: Every woman is interesting in her own way.

Whether you believe in fortune or not you have all rights and possibilities to manage your relations successfully and take them under control.

You are a good dancer -> Make a date near disco-bar

Compose verses -> Choose the best one and recall it from the beginning to end

Good cooker ->Invite Him to your home and invent something original; it would be useful to inquire about His preferences. Not without reason the way to a man’s heart is said to go through the stomach.

Only don’t hurry to expose yourself, try to be a mystery as long as possible. Always leave Him wanting more.

+ Do Take a shower/bath.

Paradoxically, some women have time to eat, watch TV, talk with their girlfriends, look through fashion magazines, and put on make-up, perfume, only not to take a shower or bath. Worst of all: there are women who get used to their 'body odour' and don’t consider it as unpleasant.

Dear, you may go without make-up but you should have time to take a shower/bath (more often in hot weather). Approx in 5-7 hours smell of the sweat begin to deteriorate. Offensive smell is caused when bacteria that are present on the skin get to work on the sweat and decompose it. Don’t try to hide heavy odour of your sweat with the help of perfumes. You will only achieve the situation when no one is able to stand near you.

Gold rule: apply perfumes only to a clean skin.

Gold point: perfume combines with you skin’s natural scent.

Easy on the perfume/cologne, let it be a supplement to a good smell of your body. The researches found that a smell of a clean healthy skin and its pheromones, which are exuded while sexual stimulation, has the strongest power of attraction.

+ Do Keep your nails well groomed and clean.

Always remove a coat of old varnish from your nails! Better to be without new finish than to be with an old/half-removed one. If you don’t like something about your hand don’t put on rings, because they will attract attention to it.

+ Do Do exercises for the good posture.

His first and following impressions will be corrected by your posture. Hold yourself erect, don’t become bent. The straight back - an attribute of health, great energy, it not only draws attention of the man, forms positive impression, but also increases self-confidence. Hope you are not going to be in a pose «Snow queen» during the date. Try to move around plastically, light step (imagine yourself a fluff). This is your trump card.

Take for a rule doing simple and very useful exercise every time before appointment:

Standing or sitting position, the main condition is keeping your back straight. Imagine a source of your most favourite smell a little bit above your nose, reach up to it by all trunk (don’t bend your head back and lift up your heels), close your eyes for better imagination - you feel a wonderful smell, in one’s mind continue reaching up -> lift your hands upwards (breathing in) through the sides and get the other side of your head, so that the right hand touched the left ear and the left hand – the right ear -> slow exhalation (breathing out) follows – draw your hands down in a starting position. Keep your back straight.

This exercise should be carried out at least 15 times. You will feel effect quickly!


Gold advice: While raising your hands imagine a sphere of heated gold energy above your head. You are trying to clasp it. Simultaneously you feel the energy plowing through your hands into your body, recovering it and strengthening. That inspires you.

+ Do With the help of the dress to emphasize merits and hide demerits.

Gold advices at your choice of the dress:

·               Take into account a place of the forthcoming date.

So, if you are going to get acquainted with His parents and it is important for you to make good impression, it is undesirable to put on a miniskirt. Erotic clothes leave for disco-club.

·               It would be good to take into account a style He prefers.

         Are you at a loss? If yes, then stop on the exquisite dress, this kind is always in favour.

·              Select clothing that you are comfortable and confident with. Try to present your figure in

         the best way.

If you have big forms then it’s desirable to stop on the following dress:

Ø       The length is below a knee.

Ø       Without a belt.

Ø       Not very light colours (the darker the colour, the more visual effect of decreasing).

Ø       It is desirable without pattern (the only thing that can help you is vertical strips).

Ø       Without a drapery.

·               Try to dress yourself stylishly, fashionably and qualitatively.

Ø       Define your color spectrum and adhere to it.

Ø      The wrong combination of colours can make your appearance faded or vulgar and less


Ø       Gold and silver are badly combined.

Ø      Not everything, that is expensive, is qualitative. It is not out of place to learn to

      understand in fabrics, leather, fur and bijouterie.

      The simplest way to distinguish qualitative clothes is to pay attention on internal and

      external stitches. They should be even, without tangled threads and blanks...

Ø       Not all fashionable and beautiful can approach to your figure and face.

Ø       It is better to get the expensive footwear rather than expensive shirt.

Ø      It is better to have in the wardrobe three expensive qualitative clothes than cheap and

      low-quality 33 ones. Perhaps you have heard an expression:

                                                  «We are not so rich people to buy cheap clothes».

Ø       Do not forget, that a harmonious stylish dress attracts attention and success!

+ Do To prepare a handbag.

Think about everything that you could need. Put only the most important ones in it, otherwise your handbag will turn in a suitcase. Condoms and an oral preparation for emergency contraception always should be in your handbag whether you are ready for sex or not (better to avoid undesirable and sad consequences).

Gold advice: if you really wait for a long-term/serious relationship read the following reasons for using a condom:

·        The nature pushed a male to impregnate as many females as possible. Many males do that unconsciously or unwilling to overcome such animal instinct. That’s why the moment a direct contact (entering) take place, a man’s interest decreases (more contacts - less interest) or passes – everything depends on the level of relationship the couple has obtained. Indirect contact until wedding considerably reduces probability of breakup.

·        Constant use of condoms decreases psychological feeling of affection to the partner; therefore if breakup happens you will take it easier.

+ Do Make pleasant surprises.

Men feel the same way about pleasant surprises as women.

+ Do To inquire about his occupation, hobbies and maybe his secret dreams.

This will help you to support conversation. Be attentive: if He doesn’t want to reply to some of your questions, don’t persist. Perhaps He decided to say later when you know each other better.

+ Do Use a Horoscope.

If you meet Him the first time and guess at His preferences, apply to a Horoscope which can help you.

+ Do To leave «pink glasses» at home.

To avoid mistakes and painful disappointment later don’t idealize Him.

+ Do To realize fully your wishes/desires, probably make plans, to establish the ground rules as to what you will or will not do.

Unfortunately, women stay alone not because they are ugly or fail something. Quite the contrary, there are many single beauties. The reason is that for a long time they were vague about what they were looking for; or the girl’s imagination built an ideal, in searches she moved from one guy to another, rejected proposals, carping at one trifle and others. Determine features of primary importance He should possess. Be sure to realize features you do not want as well.

You should decide whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just some fun. There are men ideally matching the role of lover, for fun, only not a serious relationship.

+ Do Inviting Him to your home do the flat and set the atmosphere which replies your wishes/intentions.

-Don't To decide that He wants marry you if He makes a date (although for 21st time).

Different reasons may take place:

·         sympathy to you as to the best representative of a fine half,

·         to become unambiguously convinced that you are the girl he has dreamed about,

·         desire to communicate with you as with a nice college,

·         to share His problems as with a friend, to consult, to make a request,

·         passionate sexual desires,

·         updating "collection" of the broken hearts.

Unlike the woman, the man thinks about wedding far from being first of all. In all possible ways, meaningly or subconsciously, the majority tries to defer day of wedding. The last doesn’t mean His dislikes in all cases. However, if you meet with Him at least once a week more than year and every time the conversation on your wedding begins He cooks up any excuse for a delay, shirks, then He will scarcely make a proposal. Think about your relations, probably you waste your precious time and believe in the person who doesn’t worthy of your love; meanwhile your second half waits for you somewhere...

-Don't Looking-for «a prince on a white horse».

There is no ideal man. But it is possible to meet the person who the most meets your requirements/dreams. If your searches had unsuccessful finish, stop your choice on the man who meets the following requirements:

·         you like him,

·         He loves and respects you, solicitous about you,

·        smell of his skin/sweat doesn’t alienate you from Him.

-Don't To put crumpled clothing, the dirty or worn underwear, ragged stockings or dirty shoes on.

Say you will cook up a reason to everything? Well, let’s try to assume:

Clothes was crumpled in the bus, a passing pedestrian hooked the tights, casually stepped in a puddle. Ok, what about underwear? It’s hard to invent, isn’t it? The only thing is to tell, that there was no hot water the whole month and you don’t wash clothes in cold water.

Say you are not going to undress, you exclude sex in a forthcoming meeting. But the Life is full of surprises. The unforeseeable situation may happen. Even if your bowels have moved once, the 2-nd time, it may come unfortunate day which will make null and void all your previous efforts.

Gold point: the clean nice underwear increases your self-reliance that is very quickly transmits to people around you.

-Don't To overdrink oneself so as to overcome shyness, stop worry and to relax.

If you have a problem with your worry and find it difficult to control, 50g of a good vain would be ok. Only don’t drink to excess because much alcohol hamper the thinking processes, deaden perception, promotes rash acts, causes aggressiveness or lulls and you will hardly arise in His eyes.

Gold hint: You worry is most probably caused by your thoughts like “what will he think about me”, “but what if he will be disappointed in me”, “if only everything would be ok”, “what would/should I say”... Exclude all negative thoughts, change them for positive (confident) thinking and your worry will be reduced.

-Don't To go out of town having got acquainted with Him recently, not knowing His surname, home address, somebody from His relatives or close friends.

Not at all criminals have a criminal face. Roughness and cruelty may be hided behind a lovely smile and gentleman's manners. Be careful!

Make a date in a public place that you are familiar with.


(The threshold)  Long-awaited meeting (Afterwards)

+Do Be sure of yourself.

Be sure not to confuse confidence with arrogance. Confidence is your trump card, but arrogance will surely be your stumbling block. To be sure of yourself is to think highly of yourself as the person possessing a number of positive qualities, realizing his originality. To be sure of yourself is to possess dignity as an inner source of worth. Very well, if this fine quality is combined with nobleness when you respect Him and attentive to his viewpoints and dreams - this will lead to harmony.

+Do To make compliments.

In fact compliment is not only a man’s trump card but also a woman’s one.

100 compliments per day will be excessive.

Gold hint: a man is a conqueror by nature, that’s why your strong interest in His personality can decrease his one concerning you.

+Do To thank for compliments.

Always take His compliments as a matter of course and respond with a smile or a word. Your "thanks" is a big plus under your name in His heart.

+Do To win His respect during conversation.

·        Look directly at Him.

·        Be a good/attentive listener.

Do not interrupt, if He tells something with passion but the subject has bothered you;

let Him talk about himself and say His say; undesirable to show your indifference to his words.

Gold hint: If His first questions are the following:

·         What is your father’s/mother’s occupation?

·         How many rooms has your flat? After that: do you have a brother or a sister?

·         Does your family have a cottage/dacha, an automobile?

      He is scarcely interested in your soul.

·        Open and keep up the topics He is conversant with.

·        Show your interest in His hobbies, occupation and inner life.

That demonstrates you're interested specifically in him as a person. However don’t do 20 questions drill, otherwise you will look like a teacher who is going to evaluate a pupil. Men are more secretive than women; your excessive curiosity may frighten Him.

·        Don’t wonder about His old love. That can call up painful recollection.

·        Ask questions if something is not clear.

·        Be sincere.

Sincerity comes from the heart and wins over in many situations. Only don’t hurry to retell your biography in one meeting.

·        Use your sense of humour.

·        Don’t act like you know about something that you don’t (it is much more embarrassing to be

caught in a lie, than to admit your lack of knowledge on the subject).

·        Avoid topics that would create a heated debate.

·        Don’t hurry to say and reply.

Take into account that He doesn’t expect/want the truth to some of his questions. If He is interested in your previous love affairs, your boys (e.g. “how many”, “what do you feel to them today?”, “who is the best one) then let your Honey know, that He is the best boy, the present relations are serious and your feelings are profound. Do not list and do not describe advantages of everyone, as in fact He would like to hear kind words only (or first of all) about Himself, once more to hear that He is unique.

Avoid saying negative things about your past relationship; don’t describe bad treatment of you. Knowing that you are respected and attractive to others (mostly men), your boy will realize how lucky He is to have you and will appreciate you very much. Some interesting moments of the last love affairs could be told, only it is better to wait for the day of absolute trust and mutual understanding.

·        Control the conversation.

Sometimes we underestimate the role of language. Try to be a smart, quick-witted girl; steer the conversation in the direction you want to go and provide an opportunity for the discussion to take a romantic turn.

In any case better not to linger round the complex themes. Men adore women with whom they can forget about life problems, in other words - to relax.

·              Repeat His name more often.


Gold hint: first of all He would like to the following:

·              To feel better about himself.

Help Him!

·              To be convinced of the right choice.

Try to look your best.

+Do To smile, to joke; to make eye contact.

A smile lights up your face, make you charming and draws Him to you like a magnet. But be real when you smile. A fake smile is the instant turn off. Laugh, but not very loudly.

Let yourself laugh at His jokes. People are typically attracted to others who make them feel good about themselves.

Gold advice (if His attitude towards you is of great importance):

Find His joke funny -> laugh

Find His joke so-so funny -> laugh

Find His joke not funny -> smile and support Him

Find His joke rude/abusive -> let Him know your attitude with the help of mimicry or words.

Never laugh with Him about his failures and defects.

Make eye contact. Let shyness (look Him in the eye gently, no more than 3 seconds, then drop your eyes and glance away), coquet (not without cunning, smile), interest (intense gaze, may be without words), sexuality alternate with each other.

+Do To catch His desires by look, reaction, behaviour.

Try to be not importunate, if He doesn’t want something to do or to say.

+Do To determine features He likes and dislike about women.

It would be better to determine by observation and comparison, rather than asking direct questions. Take an interest in His idols (music, movies…). You will have a chance to compare tastes and to determine features you should have to conquer His Heart. It’s unnecessary to repeat completely His idol’s manner of behaviour, colour of hair, a hair style and talk. But it is very important to keep your originality while improving yourself.

+Do To be yielded, not stiff.

Excessive obstinacy and rigidity have never made a woman attractive. Relations between loving people, the family are neither a mass-meeting nor a demonstration where people may shout down each other, resort to force and fists. It is diplomacy, great talent to avoid or resolve conflict situations successfully. Frequently loving people oppose, quarrel for no reason/about unimportant matters, yet one of them has realized his error. Try to be pliant and yielding. To be the 2-nd person (a loser) for a man is worst of all. Let Him be the first, and then He will feel better about Himself. Accordingly, He will appreciate you more.

Sometimes it’s better to keep silence/fall into silence, stop "sharp" words, clear up the mess in warm and favourable atmosphere. Take your time as in a fume you can talk a lot of nonsense, make rude mistakes which will aggravate a situation. Probably, you won’t want and there will be no need to prove your case.

Learn to distinguish things of fundamental importance from trifles. First ones tolerate perseverance and resoluteness. Trifles require pliability and prudence. If you know each other for a short period of time it’s unreasonably to turn your nose up at His tastes, manners, gestures, style of behaviour, etc. You have grown in different families, lived in different environment. He can attain everything but need a time and a wish.  If there is no wish then neither your efforts will succeed.

Everything that has a negative effect on the health (your, your relatives and close friends) concerns things of fundamental importance. Taking into account the fact, that there are no ideal people, try to determine (as soon as possible) the features you unconditionally don’t want to live with in the future.

Not always the following expression approaches the subject: «Love means to accept the person such as he is». Do you find the next life situation a normal thing? A husband is lifting His hand against His wife today; beating tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow presents her roses and composes verses in her honour. She complains, in tears, about her rude husband to the girlfriend: «I’m tired, it hurts me…». Girlfriend advices to break up, but she replies that can’t do that, because love him. Another husband is more kindly: gives free rein to His words which are too rough and abusive. As a result Her tears have not time to dry up. A woman, who respects oneself, never allows a man to lift on his hand against her or abuse her. To forgive, to suffer humiliations means to let them occur again. Only don’t come down to his level while reacting.

+Do Sometimes to handle intense feelings/love-impulses.

Distinctions in temperament and character cause a different extent of need for emotions and impressions. A few warm kisses a day, slight inaccessibility will make you all the more enticing for a one man. That will upset and make unhappy another man. One boy needs roughness or your domination, another one likes caress, tenderness. An excess or lack of the feelings/sensations can negatively effect His mood and, accordingly, mutual relations.

Don’t make a hasty conclusion about his nature. A discrepancy between external character, a conduct and inner life, real desires and fantasies may take place. Hot temperament, a passion, intense emotions may be hidden under a cold stare, indifference and estrangement. At times it appears very difficult to see through someone. Not everyone man hastens to uncover oneself, some of them consider, that a woman should guess right herself. Therefore the earlier you reveal Him the more chances you get to build strong and happy mutual relations. Do not despair of success, if you have failed in the beginning. Use observation, female ruse and intuition.

+Do To find common language with His friends.

Try to be tactful with His friends. Don’t hasten to exclude someone from the list of normal people. If you don’t like very much someone, don’t turn your nose up or say rude things in the presence of others. Wait for tete-a-tete with your boy.

-Don't Every time to be half an hour late for an appointment.

Not every man will accept your unpunctuality.

-Don't To abase and criticize yourself aloud.

To win His respect you should respect yourself. Never abase and criticize yourself aloud! If you don’t like something about yourself better to joke and to laugh. The kind laughter brings together.

-Don't To tell about the lacks and failures.

There is no ideal person, everyone has merits and demerits. But He would like to make sure that you have more merits/less demerits than other girls. Besides people strive after ideal, bright and fine things, therefore try to present you in a better light. Smiles, a humour, amusing story have a positive influence on His feelings.

-Don't To be high and mighty, demonstrate that you are the best.

It’s not of necessity to shout “I’m the best…” to be said a haughty person. Haughtiness becomes apparent in a manner of behaviour, a mimicry, gestures (for example, there is a science that determines the person’s character by the manner to smoke and to hold a cigarette).

Gold hint: Don’t worry, He will notice and appreciate all your advantages/merits/talents, He only needs a time.

-Don't To decide that most men like women with IQ average or lower, so to behave according to such a decision.

Every man to his taste. One man chooses the less educated girl to feel his superiority; another is pleased to find a high IQ in his darling and proud of it. Your pretence will be revealed sooner or later and this may do much harm to you. Be yourself!

-Don't To complain, to say “sharp” words about somebody, to splash negative emotions out,  to load Him down with your problems and painful memoirs.

Men avoid problem and whining women.

-Don't To reject His help.

You will reject once, the second time, it’s unlikely He will offer to help you afterwards.

A man is pleased to know that a woman needs His help. Reward your Honey with a hug and say to Him magic “thanks” when He actually helps you.

Gold hint: Let Him feel himself a gentleman. Don’t hurry to do everything yourself.

-Don't To bare oneself in order to tempt Him.

It is not necessarily to bare different parts of the body to tempt Him. Man needs only the smallest hint at a naked breast or sweet buttocks, and then His imagination will fly.

To be a sexual woman means to be a mystery in everything: clothes, a manner of behaviour, conversation.

Gold hint: Not a body, but a manner of behaviour, gestures, mimicry, step, a posture, a voice make a woman sexually attractive.

Eager to touch His hot body, to feel His passionate embraces, then use magic opportunities of a red color. For your choice: clothes (e.g., underwear that is peeping out of your shirt, red lipstick or red nail polish.

Only do not go too far, if you are not planning a «bed». You may fail to stop His sexual appetite. Besides, unsatisfied sexual desires will worsen His mood and, accordingly, may negatively influence His attitude to you.

-Don't Instant and implicit fulfillment of His desires/indications.

Do not afraid to delay or refuse, only display your wish to help Him. The very important thing is justification. Cook up a cogent excuse; in fact the opportunities of a fantasy are boundless. Speak softly, politely and respectfully.

If you value highly your present mutual relations, then it will be better to forget the word "no". It is your foe, especially in intimacy. Nothing can be shameful of loving people in sex. Intimacy brings them together. Therefore it’s very important to learn to feel, understand and share desires of the partner. If you don’t share some of his sexual desires at the moment try to refuse delicately, let Him know you need time to think about it and to give OK. Don’t touch His self-esteem, name a sexual pervert. Being alone, make an attempt to imagine his desire. Resume the next day. Try to find a positive beginning. Find time for your fantasies.

-Don't To make love to Him in the first meeting awaiting long-term and serious relations.

The nature leads a male to impregnate as more females as possible. Unfortunately, not many males want to be above the instinct. That is why, making love to Him at the beginning of your relationship, you risk not to see him one day. Relations that start from sex come to the end in the near future. Wish long-term relationship? Then don’t go beyond petting, erotic games and dances. To make sure that you are halves, spend more time together, talk about different things. If you really trust your partner, you may live together. Pay attention! There are men who ask a girl to live together, say they love her, but inDo they consider relations a great fun.

It would be good to be curious about His attitude to His mother. It’s considered that how a man treats his mother will be how he treats his wife. Try to find common language with His parents, treat them with reverence, be polite even if they are in the wrong.

-Don't To spend nights with Him expressing your thanks for expensive restaurants and gifts.

Remember, you are due nothing to Him, provided you han’t got acquainted in the section «escort services».

-Don't To confuse pity with love.

Women aim to take care of someone by nature. Some of them are so fond of the process, that can’t understand whether they love their boy as a man or as an object for tenderness and care.

-Don't You han’t estimated His financial status but ask for expensive gifts and restaurants.

Be careful, if your needs exceed His ability to pay, He may "escape".

If you are going to pay for both, simply let Him know.

-Don't To consider Him a close-fisted man when He comes to your home empty-handed.

It’s quite possible. But the other variant may take place - He has got bad upbringing.

Say nothing instead moralizing. Are you a smart girl? Yes? Then come to His home with something tasty once, the second time and may be the third one. If your effort to educate Him has failed, you are in the right about considering Him the close-fisted man.

-Don't You are ready to more close relations, but hesitate to start the first and He seems to be a shy boy.

Inspire Him with your body movements. Play with a small object (a pencil, a cup, a glass...), with a piece of clothing (dangling your shoe, playing with your adornment, adjusting your hair, etc.). Hair is one of the greatest flirting props (dirty hair loses its sexual power). Hold your lips slightly apart. Move smoothly. Follow His reaction. Look at His lips. Being at home, you may see erotic film, listen to sweet-sounding music. Invite Him to dance. Play with your Honey, leaning against/moving away/rubbing slightly, touch Him, smell Him and feel His hot breath.

-Don't To turn your back upon Him at the first misunderstanding.

If all problems or at least a half of them were solved in that way, the humanity could avoid thousands of divorces and broken hearts. Unfortunately, the brain records every insult. When the "disk" has no more free space for new information, it generates an alert. Only a few people can cope with a stream of anger. Mutual relations reach their during this moment reach a culmination point, usually people start keeping away from each other, that results in a break.

Don’t collect offences at Him! It would be better to resolve problems peacefully. If you do not want to sort out your relationship, forget insults, put them out of your head. Remember, that there is no ideal man.

-Don't To convert your parents’ behaviour into relations with Him.

It is excellent that love and mutual understanding prevails in your family. Your intentions to achieve similar relations with Him are worthy of respect. But there are no two persons with the same character, temperament, ideology. Therefore approaches to each of them will be different.

-Don't To let relationship takes its course.

Bad treatment yields badness, good treatment yields goodness.  

Expression of attention and respect are preventive measures, the best medicine effective against time. To create happy union, it’s necessary that needs, feelings, thoughts and desires of the partner were important and valuable as your own. Frequent and strong difference between moods brings mutual relations to disbalance.

-Don't To humiliate Him, to laugh at His physical defects, to carp at His trifles and quarrel about unimportant matters.

Gradually your mutual relations will be ruined. One day He will not want to see you any more. Neither kind words, nor sincere smiles will help things to get back to normal.

To avoid a conflict try to objectively classify His behaviour and a current situation, take into account only important things! Probably not everything is as crucial as it has seemed at first…

Let us suppose He seems to you overly hot-tempered and abrupt person. That may be caused by the following:

·         Feature of His temperament which may hardly be corrected.

You are going to change His temperament?! Ok, what about sex? Are you sure you will like «calm in the sea»? Probably his excessive aggressiveness/hot temper is caused by overabundance of energy concentrated inside. For a start, offer Him to go in for sport.

Say, how often do you make love to your husband? Regularly unsatisfied sexual desires make a man more nervous.

Do you still want to change Him? Yes? Then try indirect influence, without words. Pressure of the words can run up against His opposition. Conflict often has unpleasant consequences.

·         Overwork.

Those women, who understand man’s state, his wishes at half-sight, are always beloved and respected. If you feel something wrong about His mood, try to behave better, than usually, to be more attentive and kind. Kiss your boy, put your arms around Him, and let Him know you were missing him. Make a calming tea, feed Him something tasty, turn on the music, give Him massage, surprise with new fantasies... That will distract His attention from unpleasant thoughts and problems.

Respect His need a little time to be alone and to keep silence, don’t chase Him and make Him try to talk.

Let us suppose other situations.

He does not put his shoes in the place you ask Him. Do it yourself for several days. One day you won’t have to do that again. He doesn’t want to hold a fork correctly? Invite Him and friends who use a fork properly to the restaurant. It would be well next time to go to the restaurant with other friends. Most probably He will be ashamed of yourself and as a result your man will ask you to give Him etiquette lessons.

Do you provoke (may be not realizing this fact) a conflict to break the monotony of your relations? Your choice is not the best way out; it will gradually spoil your relations. Try to change the daily routine, bring in something new, and modify your rest. A variety and novelty are a medicine effective against annoyance.

-Don't To sort out your relationship in the presence of others.

Firstly, your talks will become a one more cause for rumours. Secondly, they will considerably reduce your rating. Wait until you come home. It is possible that reaching home you will hug and kiss one another, and you will not want recollect misunderstanding.

Gold hint: as soon as you feel nervous remember the finest minutes you have spent together and the good things He has done for you. Warm afterglow will relax your heat and help to avoid a conflict.

-Don't Forget to thank Him for the date.


(The threshold, Long-awaited meeting.)  Afterwards:

+Do Don’t listen to rumors about Him.

Bad words may be caused by envy, hypocrisy, evil tongue and mean soul. Listen to your heart and be attentive to His acts.

+Do Do not waste time on the man who does not give hopes for a happy future.

His minuses:

·        You han’t become closer through many dates.

      The more you see each other, the less you find you have in common.

·         His words and acts are parted.

·         You told Him about your love for flowers but in spite of that He seldom presents


·         He has come to your home many times, but has never invited you to His one,

      inventing an important excuse.

·         He constantly points out how you should be, yet ignores your requests.

·         Makes you cry.

·         More often upset than rejoice.

·         Shower abuse on you.

·         Cup at your features.

·        Say rude things.

·        Uses physical violence against you.

·         He often gets His own way.

·        Many a time He postponed a meeting because of unexpected/urgent conditions. In

      fact He goes on the binge or meets another girl.

·        Every year forget about your birthday, yet recall His day of Birth in advance.

·         Refuse aid or promise to help, but don’t (invent an important excuse).

·         Consider women silly beings.

His attitude sometimes becomes apparent in His behaviour and casual phrases concerning other women. Do not think His attitude does not concern you. He pretends until win your heart/wedding. Man has a good intuition. The older the man the better intuition he has and less blunders makes. Nevertheless it is difficult to pretend all the time, therefore be attentive to His words and acts.

·        Often complains about the life, circumstances, his boss and relatives.

·        Gives more attention to other girls at evening-party, do not lose the chance to put

      His arms round more than one waist (it is allowed in dance).

·        Never or seldom pays for you in a bar.

·        Сonstantly devalues your goals, desires, ideas…

·        Expect different things from the relationship.

+Do If you decided to break up, behave tactfully, without “sharp” words.

It is possible features, that irritate you, are not defects and another girl will like them.

If you scarcely know each other, it is possible to part without words: when He is going to make an appointment, say you are really busy this week (job, studies, relatives...), most likely the next one and you will call Him when things get less crazy. If you study or work in one place, try to return home with somebody (better with a girl, rather than with a boy; so you will not wound His self-esteem and have a chance to be friends afterwards).

If you decide to explain Him the reason, try to be honest with Him. Take extra care in your choice of wording. Try not to wound His self-esteem if you are going to be friends afterwards.

Be sure of yourself and your decision.

Gold hint: Don’t hurry to break up relationship. Let a week or more pass since you took the decision. Then make sure of your decision again.

-Don't To enumerate His advantages to every girlfriend.

Excessive envy can do much harm to your relationship.

-Don't To believe that only boy has to make an appointment.

Man has his doubts as to different things.

Let us suppose, your first appointment passed by storm, every day you listen to phone, expecting His invitation to the following appointment. Three days elapsed... no calls. Do not worry! He probably doubts whether you like Him, therefore the boy is waiting for your phone call in support of mutual sympathy. Or impressions overfill Him and He needs time to realize everything that has happened. You may sound out the possibilities: phone Him, ask about His occupation, rest, mood... If He supports conversation and what is more wonder about events in your life, you may unhesitatingly make an appointment. Try to do it softly-softly. Say: «I would be pleased to go with you to … » or « What do you think about …? »

The refusal doesn’t always mean unwillingness to form relations. For instance, your soul mate refuses to go dancing because He is a bad dancer and ashamed of it. Propose another place. You could walk the streets, and then determine together the further route.

-Don't To give way to depression, feeling considerable weakening of His interest or being rejected.

He is not your half. Wait a little and you will meet your soul mate, be sure by 100 % and it will happen!

Don’t: beat yourself, summarize all your lacks, overeat, cry, drink much, close yourself off and let negative thoughts dominate you. Otherwise your mood and state of health become worse that will have a negative effect on your appearance. Everybody gets rejected at least once a life. Try to turn all negative things off and think good things about yourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Know your good points, your skills, and your talents. Be proud of them. You deserve to be loved and you will be loved.

It would be good to distract you from the past:

·        Hide everything that reminds you of your past love.

·        Go with your friends to disco, go in for sport (physical activity relieves nervous pressure

and strengthens your self-reliance), swim or take aroma bath (water and special oils perfectly calm and relax). Keep your mind busy with new information. Staying active mentally will also help you to getting over your past.

-Don't To marry to avoid a nickname «the old maid» or to please parents.

How strong you should hate yourself to doom to lifelong tortures?! The moment of repentance will come, but there is no guaranty that a chance to correct mistake will be given.

-Don't Treat Him as son, in a mother-figure context. Excessively take care of Him: several times ask Him to put a cap on His head, to pull a heavy bag out of His hands, to forbid cold beer, to dispatch to fresh air at the moment of cleaning the flat, etc.

He will love you as His mother, therefore never feel a passion/sexual desires.

-Don't To tear in pieces porno-magazines you have found in His box.

He probably feels lack of intimacy, unfulfilled fantasies or like watching naked male/female bodies and sexual acts ... Though you love Him, you admire the handsome men and like to flirt with them. Will you not? It will be more reasonable to look through magazines to comprehend your boy’s passions. Look for new ways to make love with Him, bring in your sexual life something new and original.

-Don't To talk things out the moment He returned home.

Satisfied man is more appeasable and kind. Firstly, feed Him, and then talk about everything you like.

-Don't To go to bed mad at each other.

This is a bad base for your future relationship.

-Don't To neglect yourself right after wedding.

Unfortunately, wedding becomes the return point for many couples. Some women begin neglecting their appearance, after a while they are surprised to see their husband observing others, they can’t understand why He doesn’t invite to the restaurant and doesn’t want to make love time and again.

Wedding should become the intermediate point for happiness. Do not stop surprising your Honey with: new haircut or hair color, talent for cooking, pleasant surprises. Give free rein to your imagination. Daily (at least half-hour time) physical exercises, leave the table feeling slight hunger, don’t eat after 7 PM (except for fruits), and you will be in good form.

-Don't To associate petting/kisses only with a bed.

To restrict to a bed means to prevent you and your half from different feelings. “Spontaneously” hug Him in different places, meet your boy in sexy lingerie in the evening. Slink into the bathroom and join Him in the shower, lather your boy all up, take a bath together. While watching a film in a movie theater put your hand on His knee, then slowly move towards “forbidden fruit” (but free for you), examine it for a while… Make love in an unusual outdoor landscape, surrounded by the beauty of Nature... Do not afraid to dream and offer…


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