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Matchmaking services help singles meet and date. Dating service do the same thing. But there is a difference between matchmaking and dating though. When dating all you have to base your selection on is what the person told you in his profile, photo and through messages online. Chances are pretty good your new friend didn't say much about less appealing characteristics. Matchmakers have an advantage. Matchmaker gets feedback from both parties about compatibility and suitability and develops a good feel for individual preferences and personalities. The matchmaker does the "work" for you, based on your criteria relationship experts - our psychologists -  rules out many people who might look right, but have no chance of a relationship with you. Great experience, deep knowledge of physiognomy (face reading) and sixth sense help matchmaker to find someone who will be the best match for you, someone you would like to meet, who is willing to meet you. Our psychologists-matchmakers have matched many people who had never realized they would make a lasting couple. They did. So a matchmaker saves you time and possible heartbreak. If you value your time and your heart is important to you, that's a crucial factor in choosing between the two types of services. If you feel you'll manage yourself jump to dating scene and look through many thousands of profiles and photos that match your search criteria. Let all your dreams come true!

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