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Self Esteem

The greatest mistake you can make in life is
to be continually fearing you will make one.
Elbert Hubbard

Everybody experiences low self-esteem sometimes. Those who let low self-esteem take its course suffer from low self-esteem usually.

Lets start at self-esteem. Self-esteem has become a trendy term often referred to in health mass media. Self-esteem determines a person's mental health. Self-esteem is feeling capable to deal with life's challenges. Self-efficacy and self-respect are both necessary to healthy self-esteem.

Self-efficacy means that there is a trust in your mental abilities. It does not mean that you believe you will never make an error, but rather that when you do make mistakes you can learn from them. Self-efficacy is deeper than confidence in a specific knowledge or skill. If we are lacking in self-efficacy then we would expect to fail at everything we try.

Self-respect is a belief that you have an inherent value, that you deserve the respect of others and you will have friendship, love and happiness.

No matter what achievements people has accomplished, if they feel unworthy of the love and respect of others, they have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem cannot be considered in isolation. Social, physical, psychological, and economic factors influence on self-esteem.

Common Examples of Low Self-Esteem / Low Self Esteem. Causes of Low Self-Esteem/Low Self Esteem.

Low self-esteem: feel overweight or have the wrong body shape.
Low self-esteem: not good enough or feel inadequate.
Low self-esteem: insecure about race or color background.

Cause of low self-esteem: out of work
Cause of low self-esteem:  not earning enough
Cause of low self-esteem: lost job
Cause of low self-esteem: once you have failed at something, your confidence takes a jolt and you are weary of trying new things in the future.
Cause of low self-esteem: invalidation from other people can be devastating, especially if it comes from an authority figure.

Events by themselves have no decisive importance in your low self-esteem. The root of low self-esteem is your thoughts. Emotions you feel because of low self-esteem (anxiety, depression etc.) are caused by your thoughts.

Event -> Thought -> Low self-esteem

For example:

Event: Unrequited love.

Low self-esteem / self esteem thought: "I'm ugly, overweight, wrong body shape etc." Let's change low self-esteem thought: "He doesn't love me, then he isn't my second half." Then you feel yourself optimistic and avoid low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem thoughts gradually become automatic. Low self-esteem thoughts are hard to turn off or change because low self-esteem thoughts become reflexive and plausible. Changing low self-esteem thoughts requires persistence until positive thinking becomes natural way of thinking.

A few solutions to low self-esteem.

Solution to low self-esteem 1
Start writing a journal. Everyday write whatever comes to mind. Soon you will find that hot thoughts reduced in number.

Solution to low self-esteem 2
Take time for personal enhancement. Begin every day with exercises. While walking dream, think about the happiest moments in your life.

Solution to low self-esteem 3
Imagine and imitate someone else who performs the desired behavior successfully.

Solution to low self-esteem 4
Don't neglect people who wish to communicate with you.

Solution to low self-esteem 5
Clean up everything you have neglected. Get done anything you have been "meaning to do".

Solution to low self-esteem 6
Get enough sleep.

Low self-esteem is one of the problematic areas of relationship. The problem with low self-esteem is that it also affects anyone person with low self-esteem is in contact with. If your love has low self-esteem, then try to re-assure her (him). Don't judge, be careful and romantic, prove that you love her (him) no matter what.

There are different solutions to low self-esteem. Wrong low self-esteem treatment may aggravate low self-esteem. That is why millions of people seek professional psychological help. Complex professional approach is much more effective. Professional psychological support service of Meeting Land enables you to discuss your low self-esteem concerns in a supportive confidential way. That looks like a dialogue (forth and back e-mails exchange) More about low self-esteem treatment

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