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Woman dislikes

You will know what woman dislikes and likes.
The following information will help you to attract, pick up woman and make her feel happy.


Woman dislikes
















Cool in intimacy (she dislikes very much),
Art of sex consists in harmony of outgoing and ingoing energies. Try not only to get attention but to give pleasure. Show great attention and be thankful.

Bad-groomed, unclean,
She may not draw attention or excuse for a crumpled shirt. Dirty collar of the shirt or shoes, unclean nails or stale socks will reduce your rate.

Bitterly jealous,
Nevertheless, moderate display of your jealous will raise her self-appraisal and renew you relationship.

Who loves his car or any other things more than a woman.
Try to give your beloved girl more attention.

When her man phones to let her know he will come home later.

To see you reading the newspaper the whole evening.

To give a report on personal expenses.

When you forget about her on a party, invite other women to a dance more often than her (woman dislikes it very much).

Having sex with an overfull stomach.

When partner turns his back upon her just after making love (she dislikes very much).

To listen to stories about your previous love affairs, your girls.

When your comparisons between her and other women are not in her favour (woman dislikes very much).
Would like to change her? Then do this gradually, insensibly and step-by-step. Avoid mandative manner. For example, She has put on the weight, and you dont like such changes of the shape. Instead expressing your fie! buy her tasty fruits and other tasty food which promotes weight loss; go together in for sport (aerobics, shaping or any other active kinds will be for her good).

Would you like your sweetheart cooks something original for you? Present her a colorful book with plenty of exciting modern recipes that entice her into the kitchen. Cooking together brings you together.


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