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There are many points of view about the best flowers for one or another beloved woman.
It's one of the top dating questions.
Here are the top dating advices on how to conquer woman's heart.
Meet woman and make her feel happy with flowers.
Itís time to get romantic!

1st dating advice: Her sign of the Zodiac

Every sign of the Zodiac has its own kind of flowers. Most women love a certain flower, not knowing that it belongs them from the very birth:
You are going to meet woman and plan to buy fresh flowers for her.
Dating question: Do you know her sign/symbol?
Answer : No.   What do you mean?
Dating answer: Horoscope will help you to buy flowers she likes.

Western romantic Horoscope dating

Your dating question: Tell me what I could do to make my girl better?
Each zodiac sign has good and bad points and the corresponding flower essence will help to bring out the good and tone down the bad points:
Please note: it is only one from many ways to make you girl better.
Girl flower romantic

2nd dating advice: Flower Horoscope

This horoscope gives a certain flower to a person depending on the date of birth, that influences on the persons character and fortune:
Flower romantic Horoscope

3d dating advice: Her character and temperament. Color meaning (rose color meaning + other flowers).

Usual dating question: Which color will be the best?
Choosing the colour of the flower, take into account your girl's character and temperament. If you donít know, then look at the color of her favourite clothes. Shy and calm girls prefer colourless, expressionless or gloomy clothing. Flowers of soft color (e.g. white, pink, lemon, apricot, cream or blue) will be fine for these girls. †Energetic, hot-tempered, mostly emotional women prefer bright clothing; it is very likely that some clothes will be aggressive. Such kind of women will be happy to get flowers in bright/deep colours (e.g. red, yellow, vinous).

It is considered that the best tone of flowers for girls is light, while for adults Ė deep/saturated tone. Nevertheless, there are many women in the age over 40 who wish to feel themselves a girl. You may give them a chance! It's very romantic.

4th dating advice: Bud unfolding rate.

Usual dating question: Which flower bud will be the best for her?
It is considered that the rate of bud unfolding should be directly proportional to a womanís age. Nevertheless you may wish your beloved were in a festive mood as long as possible and think about you more often. Then present her flowers which begin to open.

5th dating advice:  Flower freshness guide.

Dating question: My girl likes roses very much. Sometimes I failed to buy fresh flowers. What are the signs of fresh flower?
Try to buy healthy and well presented ones. They should have tight but firm flower buds, strong and straight stems and crisp foliage. It's important to inspect the edges of the petals for any sign of discoloration or browning. Yellow, spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age.

6th dating advice: Do not present fading flowers! It's not romantic.

7th dating advice: Click below
to know everything about care and handling of cut flowers. Tricks that ensure maximum endurance and beauty from cut flowers.

Meet woman and make her feel happy!
Itís time to get romantic!

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