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Tainted Love.

Tainted love is considered one of the most intense life stresses. You have probably came here because you are feeling rejected, not lovable, cast aside or unappreciated for all you have done for a person you love now or earlier. Please remember that you are not alone in your problem. Millions before you have experienced tainted love and millions after you will experience tainted love. Psychologists of our Support Service have got a lot of emails where people ask for help. Here is a few excerpts:

"I just want to know what I did wrong and why tainted love have happened?", "tainted love made me crazy", "what about the cure tainted love?", "my tainted soul needs your help", "How to cope with tainted love?", " to break away from tainted love?", "How to get over a tainted love?", "die of tainted me!", "need tainted love advice".

While some people easy go through tainted love and get back into dating, others close off their broken hearts to about everyone feeling devastated, they brake away from everything. Just read Tainted Love Marilyn Manson. A fear of getting hurt and tainted love prevent people from dating again. Tainted love makes many people callous and self-centered. They lose dignity and self-respect. Broken hearts spend the rest of their life in bitter solitude. From time to time people convince their mind that tainted love is a catastrophe so they have an excuse to loneliness, depression or anger. Why?..

Let's consider a few examples of tainted love experience:

Kate has a low self-esteem. She fell in love with Bruce because she feels comfortable near him. Thus Kate clings onto Bruce as a method of dealing with her own feeling of unworthiness. She feels good only until they are in love relationship. Tainted love will cause depression.

Ellen is in need of being in love so much that when she meets Steve she imagines him to have all the qualities she is looking for in a man, yet Steve doesn't possess these qualities. An obvious tainted love!

Unhealthy view of oneself, new date or relationship is the first cause of  tainted love, lingering depression and loneliness afterwards. To withstand tainted love or avoid tainted love, return love or build strong love relationship you should treat the first cause. You can't run away from yourself. Unfortunately, many people who experience tainted love don't realize that with an attentive eye focused on themselves they can find the first cause of their failure in love relationship. Find yourself, but best self, fully realize the type of relationship you wish, be sure to realize features you do not want in your partner and things you can live with. You will actually get better than you were before tainted love. You will find yourself anticipating each new day with joy and excitement instead depression and hopelessness. That will help you to find the other half, your real other half, and avoid tainted love in future.

Need professional help? Psychologists of our Psychological Service Center will help you cope with a tainted love and become your best self.
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