8 Dating Minute

8 Dating Minute is an exciting, quick and non-pressured way to meet singles. In one evening, you’ll meet a variety of people, in brief, individual one-on-one conversations. There are a variety of companies that provide a 3 hour party with everything from 3 minute dates with up to 50 people and up to 10 minute dates with 8-10 people. Around the world there are hundreds of 8 Minute Dating type events with hundreds of sites that promote fast dates, dating speed, mini dates, 3 minute dates, 8 minute dating etc.

How does 8 Dating Minute work

A group of singles - an equal number of men and women gather at a cafe or bar that has been rented out for the evening. The cafe is filled with "tables for two," and each table is numbered. You will have a set amount of time of 3-10 minutes depending on the company. Participants are also given suggested topics to help break the ice. At the end of the set time, there is usually a DJ or MC that either rings a bell or plays music between rounds to let you know to move on to the next date. Participants are asked to write on a form if they would be interested in seeing this person again. This entails simply checking a 'yes' or 'no' box, "hit" or "miss" and in some 8 Minute Dating clubs - "date", "friend", "miss". The men then get up from their seats and move to the next table, where another woman is waiting to meet them. Sometimes there's a 15-20-minutes break after a number of mini-dates. This is a good time to enjoy some appetizers and meet anyone else at the event. Remember to write down the names of the people you meet during intermission on your score card. After the break you'll pass 3-4 more rounds. If both sides checked off the 'yes' box, organizers let participants know within 48 hours which matches have been made, and give each side the other's email address, or email address and phone number.

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