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Scriptname Dating Software Pro
Category Dating Software/Script
Status Production/Stable
Requirements PHP 4.1.0+, MySQL 3.23.15+
Platform(s) OS Independent (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, sun etc.)
Design Available

Our design team will provide you with a design of your site (taking into account your wishes), trade mark, company logo, banner.

24h Support Available
Installation Provided
  • Designed to handle a huge number of members.
  • Pleasant and handy interface.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Completely automated (you can choose partly automated system).
  • Site tour.
  • Multilingual interface, easy to add new.
  • Internationalization.

Administrative Software

  • Password and username protected + md5-password encrypting advanced admin control panel:
    1. Admin can add/approve/edit/delete/decline/defer profiles.
    2. Admin can change Email.
    3. Admin can mark Top Profiles.
    4. Search for members by full email, 1st or 2nd part of email (e.g. "", "leader" or just "
    5. Instant switching to any type of the profiles (new, deferred, expired, deleted etc.) - ability to view members page by page by categories.
      For example, Pending/Not activated Members - new members who have not been approved yet. Admin can view, approve, edit, defer, decline or delete their profiles with photos.
    6. Ability to set email to be notified whenever a new profile has been posted.
    7. Admin can add/edit/delete pricing options, view and approve sales.
    8. Reveals every member's real country of residence.
    9. Mailing list manager.
    10. Banner manager - view/delete banners.
    11. Manage the site settings - title, keywords, description, contact email, agreement, etc.
    12. Statistics regarding the member base, including statistics on the number of actual, new, updated and deferred profiles.
    13. Admin can check permissions on all files and directories that need to be writable.
    14. Ability to define number of members visible in who-is-online display at a time.
    15. Ability to define number of days an profile is considered and labeled new.
    16. Show edit date of every profile.
    17. Admin can confirm emails to users with unread messages.
    18. Ability to define number of days a profile is kept in DB after its expiration.
    19. Ability to extend expired member profiles.
    20. Ability to set default preferences in admin area for each account.
    21. Ability to notify members about their future expiry a certain number of days before.
    22. Ability to define maximum number of saved search matches sent at a time.
    23. Alphabetical member navigation - to facilitate management.
    24. Ability to create new member.
    25. Ability to browse member list alphabetically.
    26. Ability to ban IP, usernames and emails.
    27. All updated profiles are moved to the administration panel (optional).
    28. Logoff option provides additional security when administering the system from a remote computer, such as at an airport, because it prevents others from using your administrative login session to gain control of the system.

    Control Panel allows you complete control over all aspects of the site without any knowledge.
    You can create admin groups with different admin area access levels.

  • Anti-hacker features: set time to send next message from 1 IP, set check for non-identical messages, can rename admin.php for improve security, admin.php use sessions and md5 encrypted login and password
  • .
  • Moderators area.

Registration Software

  • Multiple Registration Options
  • . More than 45 field names!
    : you can shorten or enlarge the list.
  • Easy and flexible registration.
  • "Reset" function.
  • 2 registration steps
  • .
    : it's possible to modify steps, remove steps, merge steps together, shorten to 1 step or extend to 3+ steps, etc.
  • Template Based, working on templates (header, footer, configuration file).
  • E-mails verification.
  • "Send me Activation Code again" function.
  • Define member activation methods for member registrations, such as immediate registration, registration via email confirmation or/and manual approval by admin.

  • Note:
    "Registration via email confirmation" means that every member will receive the activation link upon completing the registration process. This way of activation ensures you have only valid emails in the database.
  • Users can add (join), view, update (edit), upgrade to a higher membership, remove (delete) profiles/ads and photos at anytime.
  • Password can be chosen by member or generated automatically.
  • You define the amount of photos/images the member can upload and max size of the uploaded photos/images.
  • Ability to define reserved names you do not want to give out to members such as "Admin", "Webmaster", etc.
  • Bad word checking (ability to define all "bad words" you would like to have filtered out).
  • [Submit] buttons
  • .
    -  [Preview] button.
  • Automatic demagnification of the photos if their full size is too big to fit data base requirement.
  • Several registering mode (allow all/after email confirmation/after admin check/after email confirmation and admin check).
  • "Preview photo" feature. Click on the photo will enlarge it to full-size.
  • The member can upload audio files and video clips (you define allowable file extensions).
  • No personal information (email, phone number etc.) is displayed on posted profiles. Member's information is strictly confidential.
  • Optional - the member can't register more than one profile on one and the same email address.
  • Ability to automatically keep track of the total number of profiles posted by the member.
  • After member has posted the maximum number of profiles allowed, they are not allowed to post any more profiles until they delete some of their old profiles or upgrade to a higher account.
  • Hide registration details from public view (this feature forbid anyone to view member's registration details page, except admin).
  • Members can view their signup and expiration dates, number of times logged in.
  • Ability to limit username and password lengths.
  • The ads are detailed with descriptions, photos, personal information and contact forms.
  • Couple profile support.
  • Just one click enables a member to take part in the Photo Contest.
  • Enables to set an age restriction (e.g. a person must be 18 or over to register a profile), automatically controlled.
  • Enables to import and export members.
  • Ability to automatically detect user language.
  • Ability to restrict the data the member can submit: characters, numbers, alpha-characters, or mixed input.
  •    For example, if you define the field username to contain only characters and numbers, an error would come up.
  • Detailed, customizable error message pages.
  • You can setup your own error messages if the required input is missing or wrong.
  • Ability to limit word length (maximum and minimum) to display in text fields of the profile.
  • Ability to setup default values for selection fields, checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Ability to set whether HTML is allowed or not in member profiles.
  • Ability to set a field to be active and/or required.
  • Ability to create hidden accounts that do not show up on the signup form or upgrade screen. Offer special access levels for special members for discounts etc. that you do not want the public to know about.
  • Photo guide.
  • If the member makes a mistake while registration process, the data will not be lost.
  • Optional registration
  • . It is useful for a person who has no time or don't want to register profile. Without registered profile a member (e.g. only Gold membership enables optional registration) will have access to all profiles and correspondence.
  • Registration is fully/partly automated.
  • A person can register profile before or after making payment.
  • 5 Membership types: Free, Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold (changeable)
  • Ability to set and change access levels
  • Members can upgrade their accounts at anytime via credit card using secure online payment systems.
  •  You can charge your paid members for example daily, monthly, yearly or one time.
  • Ability to choose one or multiple payment methods for each access level.
  • Confirmation of payment.
  • When Membership has expired an automatic email of inquiry about renewal and instructions on how to prolong it will be sent to the member's e-mail address.

  • Optional - a member will receive a few emails N (e.g. 10, 5 and 1) days before his account will expire. N (e.g. 24) hours after his account expiration date, his listing and his account will be deleted automatically. Detailed statistics are provided for each of them.
  • Ability to define an expiry date for free accounts.
  • Ability to automate database cleaning by automatically deleting expired profiles or/and downgrading members via cron or manually.
  • Show last N registered members.
  • Show total registered members.

Search Software.

  • Quick (Prompt) Search Script.
    It is a short version of the search function. You can define search criteria yourself, choosing them from the list of more than 45 fields.
    Optional -
    to take advantages of the advanced search a user should register at your dating site.

  • Advanced Search Script.
       It is a complete version of Search script.
    Some unique features:
    • the member can point several main goals selection at the same time.
      e.g. Looking for: Man, Woman + Type of relationship: Marriage, Friendship, Serious relationship, Pen pal.
    • search by continent, country, state, county, land, city, town.
    • search by sign of the zodiac.
    • ability to save several search profiles and get an automatic notification via email whenever a new ad is posted that matches one of the search profiles.
    • Every kind of search can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly. Members can add/remove each search profile.
    • just one click will automatically send one and the same message to chosen members.
    Optional - three types of Search: Quick (Prompt) Search, Advanced Search and Power Search.
  • You can combine and display the search fields according to your needs.
  • You can define types of Search yourself, the options are endless.
  • Search by keywords.
  • Display in metric and/or inch.
  • Users have the option of searching only for ads with photos, without photos, or both.

  • Short results format for ads with links to details (long format).
  • Viewing members.
  • "Preview photo" feature. Click on the photo will enlarge it to full-size.
  • Ability to set whether to display profiles with photos before profiles without photos.
  • Cupid matchmaking script (automated notification of matches made to relevant members)

  • Note:
    This matchmaker feature is a valuable tool to help finding the perfect match without browsing all day long.
  • The date of registration of every Member on the search results' page.
  • Ability to define any number of brief profiles on the search results' page.
  • Capable of altering the search parameters/fields to unlimited options. You can combine and display as much different search forms as you want.
  • Save profiles to hotlist for later viewing.
  • Enables to set which information will not be shown on the member's profile.
  • "Bad profiles" button on view profile.

Unique Secure System of Correspondence

Members can correspond with each other in different ways:
  1. Via Message Center only.
  2. Via email box of a different ISP only (e.g. Outlook, Yahoo etc.).
  3. Both via Message Center of the dating site and email box of a different ISP.
Private messaging system allows your members to communicate with each other anonymously and securely without revealing their email addresses and, if you want, without revealing their registration details.
  1. Private and secure communication.
  2. Clear navigation.
  3. To enter personal Message Center a member should login.
  4. Members can read, send, save and delete messages.
  5. Message archive, a thread of sent and received messages/emails for every member a person corresponds with.
  6. A special folder for every member.
    Ability to delete the folder which includes correspondence with a chosen member.
  7. The member won't be confused by many messages/emails from unknown members, because Email Center provides a reference to the profile of every member.
  8. E-mail message notifications (automatically send email notification to the member if his/her/their profile has been replied to).
  9. Member can set a function to notify them when another member will read message.
  10. A customizable images display new, opened and replied messages.
  11. "Block" and "Unblock" features.
  12. Interest List.
  13. Member can set "Confirmation" for each message.
  14. Anonymous E-mail.
    This feature guarantee that real email will never be disclosed. To protect member's identity email system substitute the real address with another, a special one, whenever the member send email to other members. Anytime members can turn off the function that provides duplicating letters to the email address they typed in their registered profile.
  15. To avoid Privacy violation you can switch on "Delete Contacts" function. This provides deleting contacts (e.g. emails, phone number) in correspondence between members.
  16. Spam protection.
  17. Blocking attached and inserted files which seem suspicious on virus.
  18. Fix the number of messages/email the member can send (reply) to other members.
  19. Send attachments (photos...) script.
    If attachment can't be delivered for any reason, a notification email will be send to the member's email.
  20. Member has the ability to create his/her/their own signature.
  21. Email Notifications: when profiles are updated, expired and deleted, when someone replies to profile.
  22. Ability to set forced line breaks in private messages after certain number of characters.
  23. Helpful tips.

Various Dating Software

  • Member Control Panel.
  • Photo galleries (public/private).
  • Photo contest, picture rating (Hot or Not).
  • Private photos.
  • Personal pages, private label user images.
  • Ability to add other members to own "My Favorites" list.
  • Unique access management system
  • .
  • Forum.
  • Chat.
  • Invisible Mode (turning on will remove the member from 'Online Members' list).
  • Ban (unban) users.
  • Top/Featured Profiles, popularity system.
  • "Who is online?" feature.
    This software detects how many users, members, and guests are currently online and enables access profiles of these people.
  • Show "Who's New?".
  • News subscriptions.
  • Ability to block certain email addresses or usernames from mass mailing.
  • Ability to fully customize the email such as "Dear Bruce...", "Hi Mary,..." etc. (use every personal information available in the email) or partially customize the email (only username, first name, last name, and email address).
  • Ability to send email to only selected members either by usernames or email address.
  • An opportunity to add new points.
  • Affiliate program for registered users.
  • "ZIP" field is available.
  • Built-in module manager for easy plug and play module integration.
  • Debug log for debugging error messages.
  • Ability to customize date/time format.
  • Ability to display all stats on pages (X ads in Y categories by Z members)
  • Ability to set credit/no credit ad strategy.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Better CSS support in HTML and message text templates.
  • Members can login by username, ID, password or/and email

  • Optional
    - automatic login when the member returns to the dating site.
  • You can personalize members on every page with "hello [Username]".
  • "Password Reminder" software feature.
  • E-cards for registered users.
  • Virtual Gifts (kisses, flowers etc.).
  • Agreement/Privacy Policy.
  • "Your Date of Birth" script, congratulations, greeting cards.
  • Rating system.
  • Counters along with the profiles show how many times the profile/ad has been viewed, how many times it has been replied to, and how many times saved to hotlists.
  • Members can report offensive or suspicious profiles to the admin.
  • Polls.
  • "Add to Favorites" script.
  • "Set Home Page" script.
  • Statistics on the main page (men, women, couples counting).
  • Automatically generated Map.
  • Fine FAQ system for users (Admin can add, edit, delete FAQ categories and questions).
  • Easily integrated with any Payment system
  • . Payment can be accepted as one time or recurring monthly fees, all handled by the script to minimize your workload.
  • Simple banner ads rotator.
  • Ability to customize date and time display format.
  • Ability to restrict URLs to access the system.
  • "Recommend Us" (invite friends) script helps promoting your service.
  • Statistic for "Recommend Us" script for admin.
  • Easy installation.
  • The software customizability allows you to modify appearance of the site any way you like, whether that is simply changing a few colors or making a complete redesign.
  • Ability to edit HTML templates, email templates and email subjects online.
  • Ability to edit member and profile database fields.
  • Ability configure script.
  • Small but effective dating scripts.
  • "Dating Software Pro" is designed with advanced anti-spamming and security features so that you can offer clean content and focus on promoting your dating site, rather than hunting for people who try to catch a weak spot of your system.
Upgrades Available for 1 year.
You will receive all new features we come up with free of any charge! This ensures your system is up-to-date with the latest technologies and features.
Custom-built software You may order additional features. We are software experts and we can implement any of your wishes.
Helpful scripts
  • "Check Links" script - it checks whether all links on your dating site work
  • "Update Site Content" script to copy new/updated files to web folder over FTP.
Promotion Available
  • we'll promote your site so that the whole world will know about it.
  • we'll place your site in 250.000 search engines.
  • we'll provide your dating site with a necessary dating content so that all search engines like it.
  • we'll add it to catalogues and increase your site ratings.
Domain name Included - optional (if you don't have domain name, our specialists will make a list of all the best suited domain names according to your chosen criteria, taking into account your wishes. You will choose the best domain name from the list.)
Hosting Included (if you need it)
Reselling NO

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Customization and Development
If you require additional features, customization or development, please contact us for an obligation free quote.

Please note that delivery can only be made after payment is confirmed and we have received your hosting details.

Due to the product modular structure, you have the possibility to choose the features yourself and make individual dating site as you wish. We are software experts and we can help to implement any of your wishes.

We offer you the full-scale software package for your business strategy enhancement plus the possibility of immediate business starting.

If you are interested in reselling or/and ownership in "Dating Software Pro" contact us.

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