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First Date Ideas. First Date Dos and Donts.

Our first date ideas Dos Donts will help you develop the relationship with your soulmate in the right way so that to avoid misunderstanding.

First date idea - do 1: fully realize the type of relationship you wish.

First date idea - do 2: be sure to realize features you do not want in a new partner and things you can live with.

First date idea - do 3: try to dress nicely, and be well groomed; wear clothing that you are comfortable in.

First date idea - do 4: easy on the perfume or cologne, apply perfumes only to a clean skin.

First date idea - do 5: tell someone where you are going and when you will return; leave your date's name and telephone number.

First date idea - do 6: avoid remote areas for the first few dates.

First date idea - do 7: make a date in a public place that you are familiar with.

 First date idea - do 8: take extra caution outside your area, if the location seems unsafe, go to another one. If you are flying in from another area, arrange for your own car and a hotel room.

First date idea - do 9: carry a cell phone.

First date idea - do 10: be on time.

First date idea - do 11: be yourself, but be your best self.

First date idea - do 12: be confident.

First date idea - do 13: make your partner feel comfortable.

First date idea - do 14: give compliments and thank for compliments.

First date idea - do 15: be polite, say thank you if your date does something for you.

First date idea - do 16: be an attentive listener.
First date idea - do 17: respect any differences in habits or opinions your date may have instead of turning your nose up at them.

First date idea - do 18: ask questions, open the topics a person is conversant with, but don't do fifty questions drill.

First date idea - do 19: be sincere.

First date idea - do 20: laugh at your date's jokes, smile. A smile lights up your face and make you charming.

First date idea - do 21: use your sense of humor.

First date idea - do 22: avoid topics that would create a heated debate, this can create an awkward situation.

First date idea - do 23: show respect to your date's wishes.

First date idea - do 24: be a mystery as long as possible.

First date idea - do 25: pay attention to any negative displays: anger, rudeness and lie.

First date idea - do 26: be a romantic.

First date idea - do 27: if your date is paying stay in the middle of the menu.

First date idea - do 28: if you feel you are in danger call the police, safety is more important than person's opinion of you.

First date idea - do 29: return home before sunset.

First date idea - do 30: if your date appears in person significantly different from net persona, don't blow it off as a failure; you'll better have one more friend. Really enjoy your first date!

First date idea - don't 1: arrange for your date to pick you up at home.

First date idea - don't 2: forget to use mouthwash before you go out.

First date idea - don't 3: try to be something you are not, pretence is usually revealed when people go on to meet in person.

First date idea - don't 4: show disrespect for your partner.

First date idea - don't 5: pursue sex after your partner has said no.

First date idea - don't 6: be the one who has problems.

First date idea - don't 7: say negative things about your past relationships.

First date idea - don't 8: interrupt your date.

First date idea - don't 9: ask about past love.

First date idea - don't 10: take cell phone calls every minute.

First date idea - don't 11: get too amorous on a first date.

First date idea - don't 12: monopolize the conversation and talk only about yourself.

First date idea - don't 13: reveal any personal contact information during first date.

First date idea - don't 14: eat with your mouth open.

First date idea - don't 15: leave your food unattended.

First date idea - don't 16: forget to thank for the date.

Hope our first date ideas will make you happy!

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