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Man dislikes

The following information will help woman to attract man and make him feel happy.


Man dislikes


Bad-groomed, unclean,






Too much serious,

Who have evil tongue,

Extremely superstitious,




But there are men who like and look for roughness as a sexual game element.

Would like to change him? Then do this gradually, insensibly and softly-softly, avoiding mandative manner.

Bitterly jealous,
Nevertheless, moderate display of jealous will enhance his self-appraisal and renew you relationship.

Respect his need a little time to be alone and to keep silence, don’t chase him and make him try to talk (his dislikes).

Who overly copy male manners and clothes, masterful and independent.
He will consider her a friend, no beloved one; subconsciously a man is looking for a woman who needs him, defense, care and help.

To give a report on spending time.
Groundless jealousy ruins relationship. Neither “reports” nor stamp in a passport influence fidelity. It depends on the level of your relations, mutual understanding, sexual attraction and the level of his decency. Lack of the last ones course unfaithfulness.

Man don't like very much when a woman humiliate him.
If you consider him a bad boy, don’t waste your precious time on him.
If you consider his words, thoughts or ideas absurd ones don’t call him “poor fool”, “blockhead”, “dolt”, etc., don’t ridicule him, especially publicly. He dislikes that. Try to be tactful.

To feel guilty about something.
Try not to turn on the tears, don’t accuse him in direct way and don’t lose your temper (his dislikes).

Long moral teaching.
If you wish something your way or to change him, do it little by little, insensibly. Don’t demand (his dislikes), but ask.

To speak on the phone for hours.

Shopping. Most men dislike shopping very much.


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