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Man Likes

The following information will help woman to attract man and make him feel happy.


Man likes







Romantic His great "like",

Mysterious His great "like",

Sensible, tender,

Who smell sweet His great "like",



Grateful His great "like",
Magic ďthanksĒ will make him feel himself a gentleman, and accordingly feel great about you.

Who have a mellow voice,

Active, passionate and easy in sex His great "like",
Show initiative but give him a chance to display his one.

Slender, graceful,
Only a few women have a perfect proportions/figure by nature; others attain wishful state through regular exercises and a certain life style.

If you feel lack of this feature, then go into dances, stretching, aerobics, shaping etc.

Make compliments, only donít overdo. A man is a conqueror by nature, thatís why your strong interest in his personality can decrease his interest concerning you.

Watching strip-tease ! His great "like".
From time to time dance for him a strip tease.
Donít worry! He doesnít require professionalism. Try to be confident with the dance steps, move and dance seductively, sexy. Be slow, sensual and soft. Don't forget about passionate gaze.
It would be good to choose corresponding music, practise beforehand.

To know that you are interested in Him as a man.
Donít hesitate to flirt with him, tempt and start sex.

Knowing that you are respected and attractive to others (mostly men).

To get a cup of coffee from your hands in the morning.


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