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Get rid of cellulite - anti cellulite treatment. Cellulite reducer.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 1:
Exclude negative factors.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 2:
Exclude dairy products. American scientist Robert Grey came to the conclusion that milk tends to detain food in a digestive tract. Milk forms a slime that sticks to walls of intestine, as a result, food substances stay too long there.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 3:
Limit starch (like bread etc) intake - especially if you are overweight or tend to pick up weight easily.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 4:
Avoid very fat products (pork, cream etc) which hamper the digestion process.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 5:
Eat cellulite reducers every day: fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and legumes.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 6:
Simple tasty and effective recipe:
Mince walnuts (cellulite reducer), raisin (cellulite reducer) and dried apricots (cellulite reducer) in equal proportions. Add one portion of honey. Besides, it will strengthen your heart. Dont eat too much! Surfeit of walnuts can stop your stomach working. Eat not more than one table-spoon a day, two at most.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 7:
Chew your food well, do not drink liquids at mealtime but ensure adequate water intake during the day, leave the table feeling slight hunger, dont eat after 7 PM (except for cellulite reducers), stick to regular meal times, do not snack in between.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 8:
Drink non-carbonated mineral water or cooled boiled water (you can replace drinking water with tea made of dog rose), herbal teas (please, avoid excessive use). Water helps the waste system operate, flushing toxins from your body.

Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 9:
Aroma lamp, bath and massage with use of oils will help to get rid of cellulite increasing anti cellulite treatment. If you are going to use anti cellulite oils for the first time, its desirable to verify if you are allergic to them.

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Anti cellulite treatment - recommendation 10:
Physical exercises increase anti cellulite treatment effect. Devote at least 30 minutes of your precious time to daily morning exercise and you will get rid of cellulite; cellulite reduction happens gradually. Anti cellulite treatment includes fast walking and swimming. These anti cellulite reducers are brisk and gentle. They reduce cellulite by providing sufficient load on the lower body and not injure the joints of the legs.

Increase anti cellulite treatment by using the method of deep breathing, which eases tension, oxygenates the body and helps with purification, strengthens internal and external stomach muscles. Get rid of cellulite doing anti cellulite exercises

Systematic and gradual way leads to SUCCESS!

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