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Aroma lamp, bath and massage increase reducing cellulite.

If you are going to use anti cellulite oils for the first time, its desirable to verify if you are allergic to them.
Apply 1-2 drops to a handkerchief and inhale aroma from time to time.
Be sure and take heed in the safety data for the oil you choose!


Aroma lamp anti cellulite reducer.

Close the door and windows. Pour warm water into aroma bowl (use hot water for the prompt effect, add several drops of essential oils and light a candle. Air is gradually saturated with aroma by slow warming up the water.

We recommend you to choose one of the following oils which reduce cellulite: lavender, melissa, bergamot, sandalwood, orange, jasmine, valerian, fir, cypress, pine needles, rose, grapefruit, mint, neroli.

Bath anti cellulite reducer.

Add five drops of the essential oil anti cellulite reducer or 10-20 ml (1-2 tablespoon) of the bath oil anti cellulite reducer to the running water just before getting in the tub so that the oil disperses better and don't evaporate before you get into the tub. It is desirable to draw so warm water that it was pleasant and not cold for you to take bath. To maintain desirable temperature and enhance reducing cellulite effect, add some hot water after a while.

If you have problems with heart, inclined to high pressure start drawing with cold water and finish with hot, then mix well cold water with hot. It is not recommended to take a hot bath because the high temperature stimulates exudation of sweat which prevents a skin to absorb the useful substances dissolved in water and prevent reducing cellulite. If you take a bath using oil for the first time its desirable to stay in water no more than 5 minutes. "Skin gymnastics" - alternation of hot and cold shower - increase anti cellulite effect reducing cellulite. Don't allow big temperature difference. Cold shower - from foot to head, hot shower - top-down. After water procedures wipe dry your body with a towel and start massage/self-massage with massage oil anti cellulite reducer.

Skin brushing using a long handled wooden brush made from natural fibres - supplementary reducing cellulite method which was widely applied in antiquity! It increases blood circulation and promotes clearing the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite. Start at the feet, brushing the skin in an upward movement. Pay particular attention to the cellulite-prone areas using small circular movements. Don't over-brush; otherwise you can hurt your skin.

Doing this regularly helps revitalize the skin reducing cellulite.

Massage is the next effective method for reducing cellulite.
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